American Revolution

In this Learning Path we will be exploring the American Revolution, specifically the important people, events, and places during this time!

Subject and Grade Level
Social Studies
  • 4
Common Standards
The War for Independence (1760-1789)
Analyze the influences of key leaders during this period, including: (P) <ul><li>Patrick Henry</li><li>Alexander Hamilton</li><li>Thomas Jefferson</li><li>George Washington</li><li>Benjamin Franklin</li><li>Thomas Paine</li><li>John Adams</li><li>Sam Adams</li><li>John Hancock</li><li>Benedict Arnold</li></ul>
Identify the people and events associated with the Declaration of Independence and cite evidence from the Declaration to determine its significance to the development of American Democracy. (H, P)
Explain the different forms of protests Americans used to try to change British policies including the Boston Tea Party, tarring and feathering, letter writing, and boycotts. (E, P)
Explain how political, religious, and economic ideas and interests brought about the Revolution, including: (C, E, P) <ul><li>resistance to imperial policy (Proclamation of 1763)</li><li>the Stamp Act</li><li>the Townshend Acts</li><li>taxes on tea</li><li>"taxation without representation"</li><li>Coercive Acts</li></ul>
  • Have a greater knowledge about the leaders of the Revolutionary War.
  • Understand the steps taken toward a revolution.
  • Have a better understanding of the places the revolution took place.

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